seven sacred teachings

seven sacred teachings

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last week i had the great opportunity to visit an indigenous community in northern manitoba, canada (the O-Pipon-Na-Piwin- Cree Nation). i was (and still am) blown away by their positive leadership spirit in spite of an incredible uphill battle against four forms of violence that they (and other First Nations) had to suffer and endure:
1. direct physical violence: white man simply killing them (particularly rampant in the 19th century US after the civil war)
2. structural political violence: taking away their self determination (government dependent reserves)
3. structural economic violence: taking away their economic self reliance (government driven welfare economy)
4. spiritual/cultural violence: taking away the land, language and loved ones (forced residential schooling: taking kids away from their parents, putting them into residential schools, beating them when they use their mother tongue, abusing and often killing them afterwards). as one of them told me: “i got my PHD” in a residential school.” PhD?? “yes,” he said. “Physically Hurt and Damaged.”
So given that backdrop, its NOT surprising to see 90% of the parent generation being victimized by alcohol and drugs. but what IS surprising is that these communities still find some inspired leaders that try to take them to the next level…
the focus of this project is on developing multi-sector opportunities for indigenous people, particularly for young people…

returning from this very inspiring and somewhat transformative week i cant not think back: three weeks ago i was in namibia–and saw again first hand the damage and pain that germans and other europeans inflicted upon the people of the African continent. then the aboriginal people in canada and the US — again white men acting out as unbelievable cruel killing machines. closed heart. closed mind. closed will. the worst form of fundamentalism you can imagine. who are we as human beings that we do that to each other?

how is that continued today? direct violence still continues to be reproduced. as is structural violence. as is attentional violence.

i was struck by the seven sacred teachings that i found in the aboriginal community we saw:
1. wisdom, 2. love, 3. respect, 4. bravery, 5. honesty, 6. humility, 7. truth. if you mapp them onto the U process you could say that
–humility, honesty, and truth deal with opening the Mind (getting beyond the Voice of Judgment),
–respect and love deal with opening the Heart (getting beyond the Voice of Cynicism and anger), and
–bravery/courage deals with opening the Will (getting beyond the Voice of Fear)

all of which results into acting with the mind of wisdom…

i saw time and again how social violence (direct and structural) reproduces into attentional/spiritual violence (loosing the connection to your deeper source) which then results into increasing ecological violence (compensating inner void through external consumption and environmental destruction). could it be that the seeds of breaking this deadly cycle lies in the seven sacred teachings? could they help us to open the mind, heart and will?

where have you seen the deep shadow of who we are as humans (Xtreme fundamentalism) and where have you seen it transforming?

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