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Steve. 99%. American Spring?

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011 | Uncategorized | 7 Comments

Steve passed on. He leaves a big gap. A gap in our soul. He wasn’t just the most successful entrepreneur on this planet. What set him apart is that he knew us. he knew how we felt. what we couldn’t say. but maybe what we would like to sense. He knew us. and he turned that knowing into products that keep pleasing us and our creative senses. he shifted the old system centric technology paradigm to a new one that is (more) human-centric. One, that puts us into the driver seat of creating a new world.

its that capacity that we need more than anything else to meet the biggest challenges of our time. its that capacity that we need to develop as a whole generation of change makers at the begin of this century. Its that capacity that people miss in our institutions today — particularly in Wall Street — and that keeps fueling the quickly growing Occupy Wall Street Movement. That movement, in spite of an incredibly condescending treatment by the US media at first, has swept the spirit of the Arab Spring to this side of the pond.

Wall Street top executives managed to destroy through their actions $34 trillion of assets and to eradicate about 30 million jobs–and yet, they got a full bailout without any conditions attached (which in any other industry is unheard of–ask the executives of GM who got fired after government went in). OK, so we are not taking on the big guys. So what do we do instead? We turn against the weakest members in our community by criminalizing illegal immigrants and their children–an act of shame that is currently going on in Alabama…

So what is needed? the youthful spirit and entrepreneurship of Steve Jobs applied to the big collective issues that we face as a society. First step? Visit the site that sparks the Occupy Wall Street movement by making us aware of the first person experience of our economy today (link below):

what do you think? what do you see going on?

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