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through the eye of the needle

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010 | Uncategorized | 16 Comments

today i had to write a paragraph on leadership for the MIT Leadership Center site. find that paragraph below. what do you think? what is your take on the essence of leadership today?

The key leadership challenge of our time is to shift the inner place from which we operate. As individuals, as teams, as institutions, and as societies we all face the same issue: that doing ‘more of the same’ won’t fix flawed and failed systems. We have to leave behind our old tools and behaviors, and immerse ourselves in the places of most potential. We have to listen with our minds and hearts wide open, and then connect with our deep sources of knowing and self. It’s only when we pass through this eye of the needle–letting go of the old and letting come the emerging self–that we can begin to step into our real power: the power to collectively sense and create the world anew. Theory U describes a social grammar and practical methods for such a transformative leadership journey.

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