social warmth sculpture: THINKING TOGETHER

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This week I facilitated a green mobility summit for a global company in Europe. Seeing how this company, which operates in a very old and traditional industry, is beginning to change really inspires me:
 it is
-moving from denial to putting green center-stage

–moving from green technology to green mobility

–and realizing, that green mobility requires new ways of working and thinking together.

When we (about 80 people across all divisions and regions) left the meeting, we all felt somehow elevated—not just because we had dealt with the right topic (green) at the right time (now), but because we had moved during our meeting from individual statements (debate) to a process of THINKING TOGETHER (dialogue). When such a process starts to happen, when a group of people starts the process of thinking together, they achieve a whole new level of collective energy that elevates and uplifts them. Everyone feels present and warm.

The feeling reminds me of a word coined by the late 20th-century avant garde artist Joseph Beuys: SOZIALE WAERMEPLASTIK–social warmth sculpture. If you connect to the deeper levels of the social field you connect to the social warmth sculpture, to a malleable medium and a sense of connection that emerges from the inner energy of people. THINKING TOGETHER, and for that matter the U process, is a movement (and a state of attention) that connects us with that deeper field of awareness…


P.S.: I am not sure that the term WAERMEPLASTIK is translated well here. Even in German most people do not understand this term (which refers to a level 3-4 experience of reality; see Theory U). And whenever I try to translate an abstract concept like that into English I often see blank stares…
 Can anyone help here? What do you think? Do you know the experience I’m talking about above?

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