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the fourth miracle: transforming attentional violence

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i just posted a video that talks about three major miracles that happened in my lifetime: (1) the collapse of the berlin wall (ending the cold war system), (2) the collapse of the apartheid system (marking thepeaceful transition into the post-apartheid era), and (3) Barack Obama taking office in the White House in January 2009. Three miracles. Three defining moments in my generation. And yet, the most important one may still be ahead of us: (4) the current transformation of capitalism from the current 1.0 and 2.0 system to a possible 3.0 form of economy and society. Check out our new website on this.

What struck me is that for the fourth miracle we have to transform all three forms of violence that currently defines the relational space in society: direct violence (terrorism and war), structural violence (misery and poverty), and what in my first blog entry i started calling attentional violence. Attentional violence is to not to be seen and recognized in terms of who you really are–in terms of your highest future possibility. Instead you are only seen in terms of your journey of the past, that is, in terms of the circumstances of the past, in terms of who you happen to be today. Attentional violence is hitting hardest those of us, who live in marginalized groups.

just as the battle of the 20the century geopolitics–the cold war system–was a battle between system and system (capitalism vs. communism), we now move into a new era in which the major battlefield extends into a different theater–the theater of our inner SELF, that is, the battle between self and Self. the battle between (current) self and (emerging future or originating) Self is the central conflict of our time. unless we are waking up to that deeper (and largely invisible) battlefield, chances are that all the political fights between left and right, between progressive and conservative and so forth, will lead us pretty much nowhere–will lead us into a dead end. its the connection of the deeper personal and yet collective playing field with our everyday life and public collective action where the real power of the next transformation is coming from.

The power for pulling off the fourth miracle stems from the capacity to linking all three spheres: the battlefield of our SELF SPACE (relinking self with Self), of our SOCIAL SPACE (relinking “us” with “them”), and of our ECO SPACE (relinking human beings with our planet). its only when we succeed in linking these three spheres we wake up to our real power–our power of bringing forth the world anew.

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