breaking the ice between me and myself

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008 | Uncategorized

in a reflection paper one of my korean MIT students described her experience of a reflective practice in class like this: “it felt like breaking the ice between me and myself.” i read that line and thought: what a great way to describe this deeper experience: breaking the ice between me and myself. isn’t that also whats happening in our collective global crisis right now? something is breaking up. but we haven’t quite learned yet to walk collectively through that newly opened space from “me” to “myself”…. have we?

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Ralf Lippold
December 23, 2008


Thanks for sharing that rather short quote with us.

It seems to be that most people are really scared to death when one is talking to them in these terms. Even though they see that a change is necessary, they will step aside and wait for the “the man” so solve their problems. Of course there is none, as it is always myself who is taking the change.

What are the words that are more widely understood -outside the small initial tribe (as Seth Godin says) that is capabel to understand the meaning of the words?

Best regards and a Merry Xmas


Martin Wienert
December 28, 2008

the most important question for me is:
the ice –
and to use the picture a little further:
what are the freezing and unfreezing forces IN ME?
To my opinion there is only a small way for the individual to overcome this problem – maybe greater forces will come from new communities built on confidence.
Kind regards and a healthy year 2009

Peter Canny
December 30, 2008

Thanks Otto.
The quote resonates with me too.

It is really a matter of [a couple of things]
Trust ~ that there is something better than that which I currently know, understand or realise…
Patience ~ in the process of discovery. “A three inch layer of ice doesn’t melt in a single day.”

Best wishes

Dale Hunter
January 13, 2009

I also resonate to the breaking of the ice in many ways – individually internally and externally – contributing to this conversation included. The melting analogy is helpful as here in New Zealand 2 young men were killed by an icefall at a big glacier just this week – they went too close. So not entirely without risk.

January 19, 2009

hey all–great conversation–what are the feezing and unfreezing mechanisms IN ME and IN US? great question martin!

Jean-Christoph Paul
March 19, 2009

Descartes “cogito ergo sum” and the newton era of measuring and weighing brought us the industrial age and let us devide the world in a rahter pure intelectual way and cut us from the half of it everytime when deciding to prefer the other half. Thats the freezing way. Living in a world of passion and feelings is the other possibilty of freezing. Using both ways to pause and getting through the “humus” is the warm up and makes the giant.

fear creates ice in me. the courage to stand tall and quiet within the gap of what has been and what is yet to be – in German we call nothingness/Nichts – N ich TS.
This courage silently causes the ice to melt.


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