A global Spring in the making?

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I’ve just returned from two weeks in Asia. Our first stop was Bali, where we had a Deep Dive innovation workshop with the IDEAS Indonesia fellows, a tri-sector group of Indonesian leaders from government, business, and civil society. By the end of the workshop the participants had developed five different prototyping initiatives:
1. heaven on earth: sustainable business & eco system
2. community centre inc
3. global village
4. strengthening local wisdom eco tourism
5. dating IDEAS
Sometimes, when you move into the prototyping work, people lose their connection to the whole and just focus on their own prototype initiative. But in this group everyone is not only working on their own prototype but also supporting and participating in some of the others.

Then, also in Bali, we held the 1st Presencing Foundation Program in Asia, co-facilitated by my South African colleague Marian Goodman, Frans Sugiarta from Indonesia, and Dr. Ben Chan from Singapore. A wonderful group of change-makers from across all walks of life – as you can see from the picture.

Bali: Foundation Program Asia

Bali: Foundation Program Asia

Last year we decided in our PI (Presencing Institute) core group to regionalize the delivery of the Presencing Foundation Program (a four-day introductory program). Since then we have delivered it in Brazil, Boston, South Africa, Bali (last week), and now in Berlin (this week, starting this evening, see picture).

Berlin tonight: Presencing Foundation Program Europe

Berlin tonight: Presencing Foundation Program Europe

It’s really wonderful to see our global community becoming more multi-polar and mulit-regional, just as the world is also more multi-polar.

I spent this past week in Beijing at Tsinghua University, where I attended the 2nd World Peace Forum. The opening speech by Vice President Li echoed the opening speech of President Xi last year at the 1st World Peace Forum. The main message is simple: Peace is more than the absence of war. Peace and security depend on the presence of development, cooperation, equality, innovation, and win-win principles. It strikes me that this is the only approach to peace and security that is in synch with the complex challenges of the 21st-century world. But, to succeed, it requires a profound shift in mindset from the 20th-century cold war thinking that is still dominant in too many places today.

As we speak, we are witnessing (participating in) an increasingly global uprising of civil society against corrupted politicians and a system of organized irresponsibility. Turkey. Brazil. Egypt. Syria. The problem is not the corruption of individual leaders. The problem is a system that creates results that nobody wants and that increasingly hurts people’s life prospects, particularly for the younger generations. What do YOU see going on in your context? What can we do to help make this a moment of positive transformation and breakthrough rather than reverting to outdated patterns of the past?

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Aad Berkhout
June 30, 2013

What I see is The Establishment failing to connect to the younger generations by holding on to the past models of paternalism driven by the fear of losing control or power. Instead of engaging into open communication supression seems to be the answer…….unable to pass the treshhold.

Jon Dunnemann
June 30, 2013

Dear Otto,

Congratulations on the great progress being made on this front. I hope that as an outcome of these initiatives others are inspired to participate more fully especially persons who lacking hope or experiencing pain would choose to harm themselves or attempt suicide. Most especially our youth aged 15-19 who should blessed to be in place where their contributions hold great promise for global society.

Thank you.

Best regards.

Gene Shklover
July 1, 2013

We are witnessing the end of egoistic development of humanity and its transition to the new socio-economic system — the integral society of the “last generation.” The only solution is introducing the system of “integral education and upbringing” on the global scale for both, kids and adults

John Davidson
July 1, 2013

I can remind people around me of who they are…see the divinity in them, and the gifts they’re blessed with. If people I connect with can see their spiritual inheritance, and how pregnant it is, and attend from that place, then they’ll walk the path of giving what belongs to the world, in them. I can see in my work how to bring a consumer into a collective creator. I can see that bridge shaping out of their capacity to be still, and listen from the periphery of their life. It’s like a homecoming, from role to soul.

July 2, 2013

Where money is still the major ruler for people’s action new ways to collaboratively shape the future have more than “mountain to move”.

In order to keep the momentum that you, Otto, have initiated back in late 2008, and accelerated via the Community Presencing (on NING; which is closed now – which is a true loss, as the foundation, and collective wisdom, and knowledge of participants is lost once, and for all) a steady moving into the future (without disruption, like closing webspace) is needed.

My words may seem harsh, and rather unpositive. However these patterns have gone through various processes which cover large scale movements (during the floods in 2002 here in Dresden), or within an organization (BMW) that was about to change after the disaster of buying the British carmaker Rover, or even the project CoOrpheum in the old ballroom (where some supporters closed down websites where information and knowledge had been shared, due to the fact that the project was closed).

When these things happen the following dynamics I have perceived:

(a) knowledge foundation is lost
(b) disappointment of participants due to lost boundary object (the shared knowledge in online form)
(c) if the intrinsic force, and financials are allowing some people will go on new ventures (starting from scratch)
(d) after some years it seems that not much is happening (due to the tiny movements, which eventually are even pushed out of the way of standard processes)

My advice (based on some decades of learning around it):

keep the knowledge base open (even though when the instinct forces us to close a site down, rename, or forgot about it) so others can easily dock on what has been evolved over time.

Best regards from Dresden, where #SmartCityDresden is now tried via using technology alone by large entities within the region


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