A Dream Come True I

Sunday, November 9th, 2008 | Uncategorized

Yes we can! What an unbelievable week. Barack Obama is president elect. I experienced this historic shift this week with a group of 70 people from 15 different countries (who came to boston for the Presencing Foundation Program). WOW.  i still cannot believe what just happend. its still sinking in. its the second major historic shift i see in my lifetime. the first one being the crumbling of the Berlin Wall. now we see another wall collapse. the wall of racial (and other) divides that seperate us as a global community. the collapse of the Berlin wall marked the end of the cold war era. what is the era that ends and what era begins in this current historic shift? something is opening up. an opportunity we have been waiting for all our live… YES WE CAN!

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Ralf Lippold
November 9, 2008


That sounds terrific and Americans have taken back what they have come for centuries ago:


My parents currently staying for a few months in the U.S. have written me a rather long email and have told me that the shift can be felt everywhere in the neigbourhood.

Now it needs the people of the United States of America to turn the vision into what they see for the future.

Apart from winning the election that is the next major step towards a sustainable change in society, economics and life in general.

Thanks a lot for posting your thoughts, which have propelled my own projects around setting up a Team Academy (pretty much like the one working in Jyväskylä up in Finland for the past 15 years, Peter Senge is really fond of, as this is true learning through doing) here in the area of Dresden.

Best regards


Dave Ebenhoh
November 12, 2008

Allow me to add a shortened version of something I just wrote on my own blog…

If we elected Obama to be our voice, so that we can go back to being quiet, we have made a mistake – for we must continue to speak. If we elected Obama to carry us, so that we can go back to our seats, we have made a mistake – for we must continue to carry him. If we elected Obama to change our country, so that we do not need to, we have made mistake – for the change lives in us.

We ask, “Is Obama strong enough?” but we should ask, “Are we strong enough?” We ask, “Can Obama make the tough decisions?”, but we should ask, “Can we make the tough decisions?” We ask, “Will Obama be honest about the sacrifices we need to make?”, but we should ask, “Will we be honest about the sacrifices we need to make?”

While we wait to see what Obama will do next, what decisions he will make, and who he will choose to help him, let us remember that the focus should more truly be on us. As Obama himself has said many times, it is we who have carried him to this place and we cannot stop carrying him now.

Right here and right now, whoever and wherever you are – how will you change? What will you say today that you have never had the courage to say before? What will you do today that you have never had the courage to do? Who will you lift up today that you have not had the courage to lift up?

It started with our desire. It will only continue with our action. It has only just begun.

We have called for a new voice, let it be our own.

Can we do it?
Yes we can.


Mary Moore
November 15, 2008

How will I change?
As a fellow traveler on the amazing journey with Otto, Beth, Aruwana and 70 friends the week before last, this is my first action to do something different- join a blog! The experience created an enormous sense of personal power(with not over others!) to contribute to making the world different and as change lies with us all I am hoping a simlar impact on others present will fuel the progressive journey of our world. I feel my world is small and the world is large but am still holding the sense that whatever small/large change I can make if others do the same we can make the difference.I have made one or two first steps at engaging others to create the future but am still a bit dazzled by the light of the workshop. The door feels open for us to walk through- I’m making some early steps and it feels good to be on a journey with Barack obama and the many others making a difference right now. A fellow traveller, Mary

November 27, 2008

Ralf, Dave, Mary—yes, i share all those reflections and feelings. i am just returning from a three week trip and wherever i went (Namibia, Germany, Indonesia) people talk about the same thing: Obama and what it means for us. In Africa Obama is one of them, of course. But thats also true for Indonesia. and even in europe we discuss where is the european Obama–and the grassroot movement that he would represent (as dave pointed out)?


Albert KLamt
December 18, 2008


greetings from Germany!

I blogged lengthy at Gaia since early 2007 about Barack and predicted his victory. Indeed, especially on IHT and SPIEGEL ONLINE, lots of discussion is about Europe and Obama.


Time for 2009 and beyond , when new elections come to Germany and UK, to manifest new impulses for creating new perspectives and evolutionary leadership for Europe.

Best, from Berlin,


December 23, 2008

Dear Albert,

good to hear from you. yes, a more evolutionary conscious leadership in europe, that would be cool and timely. best, from boston to berlin–otto

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