Bhutan: Opening remarks, GWB & GNH Lab

Friday, May 3rd, 2013 | Uncategorized

ok, once a year or so i put on a tie. this time it happened in Bhutan last week at the occasion of the opening ceremony of our Global Wellbeing and GNH Lab. Princess Kezang Choden Wangchuck gave a very inspiring speech.

Here are my opening remarks…
Your Royal Highness, Your Excellencies, friends, ladies and gentlemen,

On behalf of the Global Well-being and GNH Lab and its members I would like to express our deepest gratitude for the opportunity to visit your country and to learn and work together with our dear colleagues from the GNH Center Bhutan.

We believe that we as a global community face a profound crisis that is manifest in three major divides:
• the ecological divide — that is, our growing disconnect from nature,
• the social divide — that is, our growing disconnect from each other,
• and the spiritual divide — that is, our growing disconnect from ourselves.

These three divides have been addressed in the West by reacting to the symptoms and by creating, for each problem, one ministry, one NGO cluster, and one specialized academic department, each of which fails to address the deeper root causes of our current situation.

What brings us here to Bhutan is the search for the root issues that underlie the symptoms of our current crisis. We believe that perhaps the most important root issue is an outdated paradigm of economic thought.

What inspires us about Bhutan is that GNH aims at bridging and transforming the three divides by helping people to live in harmony with nature, serve others, and realize their innate wisdom and potential.

The intention of the Global Well-being and GNH Lab is to advance the transformation of our economic paradigm from ego-system awareness to an eco-system awareness that creates well-being for all.

The intention of our visit is to learn from you and to build an ongoing platform of collaboration and partnership that helps us to renew the foundations of our economic, educational, and political systems by linking them to a deeper shift that we see happening around the world — a shift of awareness that revolves around the awakening of the heart.

Thank you!

(see also: next blog entry on our experience in Bhutan)

6 Comments to Bhutan: Opening remarks, GWB & GNH Lab

Joanne Hanrahan
May 3, 2013

Otto, thanks for sharing this important moment.

Samata Vasisht
May 4, 2013

whether you speak or not,you awaken the heart just by being YOU.Absolutely inspiring and touching.

Hans van Zanten
May 5, 2013

O am happy with your message, but worried if it will land on the grounds where it will have impact in order to abandon harmfull politics and corporate behavior. Anyway, I am on your side.

Ana Arrabe
May 7, 2013

Dear Otto, I have been following your work since early 2011. Last year, a group of friends from Madrid, all members of SoL Spain, attended to the Global Presencing Foro in Berlin. Our commitment to bring mindfulness and wellbeing to all statements of society (from nature, to people and to larger organizations and society) was reinforced and … it is hapenning. Yes! We are “precencing the awakening of the heart.
Please do come to Madrid, SoL Spain will be your host! With Love, Ana

gabriele ruehl
May 13, 2013

Thankyou very much for sharing. Yes its in the air , on the earth.. and all around the globe..finally.!! I am very greatful, for the work done outthere and within us.. I have yust come back ,very deeply touched, from a Weeks workshop in Dornach/Goetheanum (Switzeland )
The theme was Existencial Questions Today and Spirituality, with Arthur Zajonc and Tho Ha Vinh (Bhutan /GNH Centre). We heard so much about Bhutan and made many very helpful exercises to bring ínto our own life , whereever we stand ´in this world, from whichever spiritual home we come…, this impuls , filled with very rich meditaionwork, strenghtening and working mainly from our heartforces . Felt often during this week it could also have been a course called how to learn to LOVE!

Hellmut Hannesen
May 25, 2013

Dear Otto, I still remember our short meeting on your parents farm Dannwisch. I was developing the GLS branch Hamburg at that time. Now I am happy to learn from your visit in Bhutan, meeting my dear fríend Tho Ha Vinh, You are very right, I fully agree, he main issue today is a total shift in our thinking about economy and of course a new practise. This requires also a new spiritual awareness so that we look on economy from a different angle. I wish you many followers and friends on this difficult path. Some you kind find in Uni WH, your alma mater, where sme students try to organize a seminar with you, I am living next door and would like to meet you here, best regards from Hellmut

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