2012-2013 PI Community letter

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2012 was a year full of endings and beginnings. At the Presencing Institute (PI) we tried to contribute to the latter by supporting small “seed initiatives” including, over the past few months, the delivery or completion of:
–the 1st Presencing Master Class, with 72 participants from many cultures (2 year advanced program)
–the launch of our new Global Well-being and GNH Lab-Innovating Beyond GDP (co-created with the German Ministry for Development Cooperation/GIZ)
–the 3rd MIT IDEAS Indonesia Program, a nine-month U journey for senior leaders from government, business, and civil society on transforming business and society for sustainability
–the 1st MIT IDEAS China Program, to train senior leaders from the Chinese government and SOEs (State-Owned Enterprises) how to lead transformative change for sustainability
–Katrin and I completed the manuscript for our forthcoming book, Leading from the Emerging Future: From Ego-System to Eco-System Economies.
We also regionalized the delivery of our four-day Presencing Foundation Program, which is now offered in Brazil (November 12, 2012), and in 2013 in Africa (March), Asia (June), Europe (July) and Boston (October). https://www.presencing.com/programs/foundation-program
Also in 2013 we intend to hold:
a small Global Well-being and GNH Forum in Berlin (July 5) and
the 3rd Global Forum in Boston (Oct. 24-25) which will showcase transformative change towards Society 4.0. In 2014 the Global Forum will move to Asia.
Our intention is to create a method and platform that integrates science (the third-person view), social transformation (the second-person view), and the evolution of the self (the first-person view) into a coherent framework of consciousness-based action research that inspires and scales the transformation of our economy from ego-system to eco-system awareness. We call the platform for this intention the “U.school.”

If you are interested in joining this effort or the conversation, check out our redeveloped website featuring projects, programs, groups, and people working with this intention. There you will have access to a newly integrated 10,000-person online community.

We hope to meet you in one of these activities, initiatives, or community conversations this year as we collaboratively lay the foundations for the great call of our time-the transformation of capitalism, consciousness, and self.

Otto S.


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