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Hi — I’m back. I have been on a writing retreat for the past couple of months and took some time off from the blogosphere. But now, with a draft of the Society 4.0 Revolution book done, I am back online.

Although our 11- year-old and I are still mourning the penalty shootout loss of Bayern Munich to Chelsea last Saturday, let me share three quick things:

1. We all are watching the next financial crisis in the making. Wall Street has been preventing effective banking regulation from being implemented, while Europe is still in the finger-pointing rather than the problem-solving phase of its euro crisis. On both sides of the pond we see financial and political elites who are either unwilling or incapable (or both) of addressing the real root issues that created the 2008 crisis and that now are building up to the next financial disruption or meltdown…

2. At the same time we also see many sources of hope. One is the discussion about Gross National Happiness (GNH) as a substitute for GDP (Gross Domestic Product) as suggested by the Bhutanese Prime Minister a few years back. At the Presencing Institute we are preparing an action research initiative on how GNH can redirect economic development in both the Global North and the Global South (GNH Lab).

3. On June 18-19 we will meet in Berlin to explore these and other related issues at the Global Presencing Forum. At that Forum we will convene change makers from across all sectors, systems, and cultures to explore, reflect on, and co-inspire ways for moving from ego-system to eco-system economies that create well-being for all (“Society 4.0″).

Since the Forum has been oversubscribed for many months, the only option for joining us this year is via virtual participation (video live streaming). If you miss any online sessions you will be able to see them for two more months after the fact (we will keep the video recordings online for web participants for at least two months).



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Ralf Lippold
June 10, 2012

Thank you Otto for being once again in the open space, that is connecting all of us across the globe, set loose from gender, age, education, profession, and passion.

Seen from the downloading view, seeing things as they were in the past, and re-appeared over centuries, when knowledge was lost, denied, or not practiced, the current situation looks like a crisis.

Seen the same from a scientist’s view, exploring the root causes of life, physics, and human interaction (which I am dedicated for quite a while, doing action research being active part on the edge of the system), this turbulent times only shows that something bigger is possible. Information technology enabling a leveling of information, and knowledge flows across various networks (whether face-to-face, telcos, openly on Twitter, or multi-group-orientated on Facebook, and other social network platforms) ties formerly distant players much closer together (despite the distance in time, and space).

Next week starting from Monday, when I officially will follow the via social networks (#WFURS is the official hashtag, to be found on Twitter, and Google+), the week is full of local actions, with and to follow. Connecting the loose ties with upcoming Global Forum in Berlin, and fuel the cross-polinating conversations towards collectively move from analyzing to synthesizing and create together the world we dream to live in, that is my dream for the days to come.

May written by and Steven Kotler give some more inspirations, on what opportunity spaces lay ahead of us, only to be captured by collective action, and collaboration across disciplines, educational silos, languages, and cultural carving of our own personality.

It is time for the global citizen, who flourishes locally, and facilitates the technologies at hand to create positive value across the value chain including every stakeholder on the path. It may not be easy, as it has not be done before on a global scale, yet the time could not be better than now.

Cheers, and warm regards to all from Dresden

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