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The past two weeks were amazing. It feels as if we’ve stepped into a new space. Five years after the first co-initiation meeting for the Presencing Institute and about ten years after starting to create a set of living examples, tools, and capacity building mechanisms, as well as research results, we finally took a significant step towards the primary intention that guided us from the very outset of this journey: forming a global action leadership school that convenes, connects, and co-inspires change makers across generations, sectors, and cultures. The purpose of the school is to cultivate the “inner condition of the intervenor,” to shift the inner place from which we operate. It will be an instrument for catalyzing positive change on all levels of society (from personal to global) and shifting from ego-system to eco-system awareness by creating an economy that works for all.

We have been prototyping the core components of the school in a variety of places – but we had never created a global core group of master practitioners who would be at the heart and frontline of the project. Last week we did. We launched the first Presencing Institute Masterclass (“Presencing-in-Action Lab”) with 75 participants from 24 countries and all continents. This amazing group represents an inspiring microcosm of change initiatives that are currently are under way around the world. The Masterclass will meet four times from Fall 2010 to Summer 2012 (for about a week each time) in order to help each other deepen the impact of these change initiatives and function as a global field of inspired connections. The members will also continue to generate new ideas, connections, initiatives, and collective creativity.

Launching the Masterclass (Lab) was one big step (pictures).

Presencing-in-Action Lab

The other one concerns Social Presencing Theater. Social Presencing Theater is a practice that links awareness, embodiment, constellation principles, practical applications, and theater. The Masterclass was the first place where we used social presencing theater as a principal diagnostic tool in cases brought by the participants. The results were stunning. Powerful stuff. Seeing this line of work – which Arawana Hayashi has been pioneering at the Presencing Institute over the past few years – rise to the very center of our application and capacity building work was the other breakthrough that made my heart jump for joy.

Energetically, it feels as if we have crossed an important threshold as a community of change makers. The global online community now includes more than 4,500 individuals from many cultures. For example, last week’s Presencing Foundation Program in Boston took place with more than 90 participants (oversubscribed more than a month earlier). I get the same response in other places and communities. In workshops and discussions with leaders from the World Bank in D.C. and the UN in Europe earlier this week I felt the same opening. It’s so evident to most of us that “more of the same” simply is not an option. That premise opens up a whole new territory of awareness and conversation.

My main insight from these last two weeks is something very simple: until now I had thought that creating the new school would be something we would do “in the future.” But now, with the help of some close colleagues and friends, I am starting to realize that maybe we ARE ALREADY operating the school: the Masterclass (Lab), the various Foundation Programs, Global Classroom courses, the tri-sector leadership development work for countries (ELIAS/IDEAS), as well as the various practical applications, are all vibrant aspects of the emerging school.

More on this sometime later this week.

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Ralf Lippold
November 18, 2010

Congratulations Otto and the whole Presencing Institute Team for this success!!

The transformational change comes only in small pieces and when you started the online community about two years ago nobody could possibly imagine what would emerge over time.

A similar thing happened here in Dresden. You probably remember our Skype call in spring when we were about to open the An amazing unused ballroom with some very special flavor of inspiration and social field. However over the summer the heat was probably too much and so it seemed to collapse. Only to rise again a couple of weeks ago, one person took (with financial background) the lead and now the tribe is building up.

Next week we have our official opening of a dream that nobody (not even the closest friends) believed to become true.

And there are many many more of these examples such as VilleKeraenen’s and CharlesVanDerHaegen’s improvisioned learning journey around Germany last week,

We livestreamed our meeting with Ville and Charles at CoOrpheum, and think this could be yet another way to foster social innovation in groups and across physical boundaries (most of my inspiring contacts are not living close to me, mostly in Australia, Finland, Austria, USA, France, etc. – and most of them I only know through my social network connections).

Cheers and looking forward to the global social innovation school that is already building up all over


Ralf Lippold
February 6, 2011

Connecting the dots can come from completely different and unknown corners as you may see here ;-)

To connect the dots one has to observe and step back the reality in order to see and sense the connections first.

What connections are the ones you see in your close vicinity?

Cheers, Ralf

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