split between 2.0 system and 3.0 reality

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interesting day in vienna with the Minister of Education and 220 school innovators across the whole system (ministry, principals, teachers, students). three take aways from the network dialogue today:

(1) there is a deep split between the real practitioners of innovation in education on the one hand and the national political discourse on education on the other hand. most key innovation practitioners basically agree about what needed to change:

–more autonomy to the schools

–a changed and deepened (eye-ball-to-eye ball) relationship between students and their teachers

–a changed and deepened relationship of students with their own learning process (student centric)

–a federal system that supports the emerging landscape of new forms of learning.

on the other hand there is the national system that still reponds in a 2.0 mode (that is, driven by abstract special interest groups).

(2) the core challenge for the minister and the entire system is how to move from a 2.0 to a 3.0 system, that is, from a special interest group driven abstract political process to a new governance process that is inspired by seeing and adapting to the evolving core process of education in all its different regional and sectoral contexts.

(3) To create 3.0 type of governance systems requires a) a national platform of school innovators and b) a host of regional platforms that link the local and regional innovators with each other and with their counterparts in business and society in order to collectively sense and support the emerging core process of eduational innovation across the entire system (”lerning form the future”).

we also need strong support systems and parallel learning structures for all the innovators of the current school system in order to balance the immune system reaction of the old system.

i was struck by the clear and powerful articulation of that split between3.0 reality and 2.0 system. and that the essence of the 3.0 system is to overcome and heal that split. i bet we have that type of split pretty much across all major systems: finance, health, education, sustainability–you name it. right? how do you experience that split?


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Tanja Westfall-Greiter
November 5, 2009

“Healing” is an important word here. As you sensed and articulated at the end, there is exhaustion between the lines – or rather – the bricks that form spaces of innovation.
How do I experience the split? It is embodied in a sense of exasperation, articulated in “well, we’ll see” (“schau ma mal” in German), made bigger than life in certain cultural images in Austrian society such as the “Austrian who has been through the school of hard knocks” (“gelernter Oesterreicher”), and perpetuated in narrative through story-telling. Powerful stuff. So powerful, it can make one speechless, motionless. Common reactions: “Yes, but…” or “If not now, then when?”
Thank you for a great day!

Ralf Lippold
April 23, 2010

I think this rather old interview with PeterSenge is quite useful:


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