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grassroot awareness vs. consciousness of the political class

Sunday, December 6th, 2009 | Uncategorized | 9 Comments

This week I did a workshop in Torino with the UN Leaders Programme in Torino. Very diverse and interesting group of leaders across all UN organizations from peacekeeping forces to UNDP and UNICEF. Then, the next day i attended a Capitalism 3.0 event in Frankfurt at the occasion of opening the german branch of the Triodos Bank. 350 people came. Entrepreneurs. Social entrepreneurs. Green people. Lohas people. And other folks with probably wouldn’t fit any of these categories. What links both these meetings, the one in Torino and the one in Frankfurt, is that people basically agree on the same premise: that we cannot solve the our current 21. challenges (3.0 challenges) with old ways of operating (“capitalism 2.0”). What we need is to upgrade our social and economic operating (capitalism 1.0 and 2.0) by creating new forms of collaboration for inventing capitalism 3.0. That’s more or less the shared premise. The issue is not WHETHER—but HOW. Yet, this shared sense is not reflected at all in our current economic-political discourse and the mainstream media. That’s a big gap. A gap between an emerging grass root awareness on the ground and the current consciousness of the political class. Its something we need to work on by creating new 3.0 infrastructures for pioneering our path into future. We can’t just wait until the next disruptive crisis hits. Sooner or later, that’s going to happen anyway…