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Stitching together a movement in the making

Saturday, September 12th, 2009 | Uncategorized | 4 Comments

I just return from an interesting meeting in D.C. among various grass root movements for economic and societal renewal (like BALLE, the business alliance for local living economies), advocacy groups, and think tanks that try to research, rethink and reframe the foundations of a green, equitable, regenerative economy. it was a great meeting that will help to build and stitch together the global movement around transforming and renewing the economy. two interesting observations from the meeting. first, the international dimension (non US based networks that do the same thing) was largely absent. second, it felt as if there were almost two different ways of framing and languaging the key issue. one is, from the perspective of the current political discourse, to frame it as a issue of “us” vs. “them,” progressive vs conservative forces in the society. but is that really the best way of framing it? left vs. right?

the other way of framing it is less about “us vs. them” and more about a self-aware and self-reflective way of envisioning a future that we want to create and then to work from that shared intention across boundaries. in that case its more about a shift of awareness from ego- to eco-system. it was apparent that these two approaches really talked different languages that do not connect easily.

have you seen similar situations? do you see a larger movement growing together in other parts of the world? if yes, what is it that you see growing together?