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7 Accupuncture Points To Transform Capitalism

Thursday, August 6th, 2009 | Uncategorized | 17 Comments

I really LOVE the GREAT conversation that emerged from my last blog entry (on how the new enters into the system). a real manifestation of collective creativity, global sensing and sense making.

i am just returning from a three day cabinet workshop in a country in Africa. the purpose was on reconnecting the political leadership with the real needs of the communities. in preparing the workshop, the Prime Minister talked about “poverty” in the context of the MDGs (Millenium Development Goals) and about the “poverty of ideas” in the context of development strategies, that is, in the context of development economics. it was really special being together with this community of leaders that all share the same background: the liberation struggle of taking their country from dependence to independence. the years of the liberation struggle stood out to a level 4 change experience for all of them. now, after independence, and after moving into government, of course it is much more difficult reconnect with that level 4 experience on a collective level. the leadership challenge that most of them face is a double split: a horizontal split (silos among and within ministries) and a vertical gap (separating the political leadership from civil servants and the real needs of the communities on the ground). so the question for them is this: how can we, in our everyday leadership work, cross these two gaps?

any ideas on that?

one thing we thought we could start with is to conduct stakeholder dialogue interviews (see PI toolkit on the PI site). another spark i took out of that workshop (and other related experiences last month) is that eventually the new leadership at issue here needs, among others, a new framework and vision of the economy and society — capitalism 3.0 — and a view of the acupuncture points of getting from here to there. i just finished a first thought paper on that which you can find here (“capitalism 3.0″ is just a placeholder term here. i dont really like that term but i have not found a better term yet–let me know if a better term comes to your mind–see paper.)

all the best — otto