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Saturday, May 9th, 2009 | Uncategorized | 4 Comments

I just return from an interesting experience in S.F.,  a half day public session organized by Heartland. When I entered the room it felt similar to what I described earlier re Copenhagen: you feel the buzz of an elevated energy, ripples of joyful anticipation connecting with you.  a truly wonderful group of people continued to gather and soon I had—like everyone else—met a few good old friends that I appreciated reconnecting with as well as many others that I hadn’t met before.  as we were mingling with our coffees and bagels in our hand I noticed the wonderful space of this venue: a former military installation turned  into a culture, conference and community center. huge windows, to three sides, spectacular view (Golden Gate Bridge), spacious, high ceilings, and the seating arranged in a three row circle that was a bit open to the stage, but still giving you the nice feeling of sitting in a circle. Then, as we were sipping our coffee, I heard a familiar voice speaking the opening remarks: Michael Ray, who I had met exactly ten years ago for conducting a thoughtleaders interview, and John Renesch gave some wonderful introductory remarks.  Then I did my presentation, telling a little bit the story of my self, of the U theory, and of the emerging new line of work on co-creating infrastructures for societal transformation. Then we turned into two rounds of small group conversations: “Where do you feel the presence of the future in our life and work right now?” (round 1) and “What could be a practical next step to explore that future possibility by doing” (round 2). We closed the morning with sharing what emerged from these small group conversations as well as with closing remarks by me and some others.  There were about 110 of us. Maybe 75% of them were first time attendees to this type of meeting.

In spite of most people in the room meeting for the very first time, what happened throughout the morning was profound. it felt like a huge energy shift (or energy generator) that changes the state of self, awareness, and personal source connection.  A bit like Copenhagen. But this morning we had a little more time and therefore could take it to a deeper level by applying the U to one’s personal situation right now, right here. The meeting closed with making personal commitments for the next 30 days. During the evening I did a similar session with a different group (of OD consultants). In that case we used journaling for the personalization part of the process. But very similar results. Having seen many of these sessions in very different places (America, Africa, Asia, Europe) across all sectors (community, companies, government, multilaterals like UN and World Bank), and seeing some of you reporting on your similar experiences on this blog site, I wonder how we could use this enormous potential for shifting the state of awareness more fully?

To me it feels as if we are dealing with a growing potential for shifting the awareness. Events like the one in S.F. tap the first surface of that potential. But what else might be possible? Could we have half day meetings like the one in S.F. on a more regular level? So that we would move from co-inspiration (which we did in S.F. yesterday) to co-creation—with the same group? And could we create these types of new inspiration and innovation infrastructures across all cities and towns? How could we help people doing it? What would it take? What kind of new places and infrastructures do we need to create that will best support the next wave of social and business innovation and entrepreneurship? And how could we put young people into the driving seat of renewing and rebuilding our communities and economies?

S.F. Fort Mason–picture by FireHawk