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split reality: feeling the future, reflecting the past

Thursday, April 9th, 2009 | Uncategorized | 11 Comments

i just returned from a three week road trip that reconnected me with a number of people and leadership communities that work on prototyping profound innovation and societal renewal in asia, europe, africa and north america. while all these initiatives differ in many respects, there is one common characteristic that really struck me: reconnecting with these emerging leadership communities means reconnecting with a very powerful field of energy. its an energy that emerges from the presence of these groups, from their connection with each other and themselves. that connection elevates each and everyone in that group to a higher level of awareness, aspiration, and clarity about what really matters. that field of energy functions like a conduit to our future that is wanting to emerge, both individually and collectively.

this is one powerful impression: the increasing presence of that “feeling the field of the future” experience that happens when you enter the sphere of these groups. you can feel the future. and that is deeply inspiring and uplifting. but then, there is another experience that shows up in many faces these days: reflect on the current situation. global meltdown. the economic, ecological, social and spiritual crisis of our time. take all of that in. and then you are either depressed or in denial.

thats the split reality i find myself living in: the heart feels the future, while the head reflects a depressing current reality. depending on whether your thinking emanates more from your head or your heart, you end up operating in a quite different world.

that said, there is no substitute for really engaging in both of these types of thinking. one of the best pieces that i have read on the current global finanical meltdown is Simon Johnson’s “The Quiet Coup” in the Atlantic:

Do you also experience such a split reality in your life and work?