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a rising global movement?

Sunday, February 8th, 2009 | Uncategorized | 16 Comments

Friday i had an interesting experience in denmark. i gave a talk at the occasion of the Danish translation of the book Theory U. it turned out that the room was packed with 500 or so people. many of them, i was told, had read Theory U or parts of it. since most of the time i focus on applied project work i do not happen to give that many public speeches. so it was really interesting to see what would happen with such a group. when i entered the room you could feel an elevated field of joyful anticipation of the moment and the moments to come. just about everyone was relaxed and joyful. it was SO BEAUTIFUL to watch all these great people, from all strands of live (business, academia, artists, consultants, students, educators, journalists, NGO change makers, government people) coming together in order to celebrate the moment—and to jointly attend to new ways of learning and leading that are more personal, practical, relational, and collectively creative.  SOMETHING is drawing all of us together here. what is it? a sense that we could create a future that is different from the past.

seeing these people just moments before the talk was a truly inspiring moment. it reminded me of other smaller moments like this in several other countries. it feels as if this might be part of a beginning global movement. a global movement of renewing society from the roots: renewing learning and living, regenerating business and the economy and deepening the democratic system.

what on earth would happen if we managed to figure out how to actualize this emerging potential–this heightened awareness and willingness to collectively create an entirely different social field?

it feels as if there is a growing potential that so far is largely unseen and unutilized…