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Transformation of Capitalism (ToC)

Monday, January 19th, 2009 | Uncategorized | 15 Comments

something happened over the past few days, weeks, months. something that has changed and sharpened the context and focus of my work. so far i have always focused on very specific projects and initiatives in concrete institutional settings. i always knew that all these projects are situated in a larger systems context that one day needed to be addressed head on. i have often referred to this larger systems context in terms of “transforming capitalism.” with the continued collapse of financial institutions and markets worldwide and with the Obama administration moving into office only hours away, that moment now has arrived. now is the time to address these larger systems issues more head on. which is why at the dec Presencing Institute (PI) core meeting we decided to launch an action research initiative on that topic. transformation of capitalism is really just a placeholder name. what we talk about is the evolution of the global economic and political and cultural system such that we begin to recreate the foundations of society from a “field 4 awareness.” field 4 in Theory U is a state of individual and collective attention that is defined as “seeing and acting from the emerging whole.” (see TU, chapter 19, or this paper). so the question on the table is:

how can we regenerate an economy that works for all (rather than just a few of us) and that unlocks our full creative potential?

how can we evolve our political and deepen our democratic process by creating infrastructures that give all people that are affected by a decision a voice that inputs into that decision making process accordingly?

how can we renew the educational and cultural root system of our society such that every single human being can find resources to reflect and connect to the sources of one’s creativity and self?

as the old social structures around us will continue to crumble, these (and other) root questions of societal renewal will move more and more center stage. the PI ToC initiative will contribute to this global conversation by

–creating a global action research community of change makers that actively explore these questions and share their findings in the PI Community (a community that has been joined by more than 1000 change makers from 73 countries in less than four weeks)

–developing a network of places (planetary accupuncture points) in which these root questions are explored by doing, by locally renewing the community and regenerating the economy bottom up

–creating a network of innovation ecosystems that links up highly innovative institutions and change makers (across all three sectors) to collectively generate different ways of co-sensing and co-creating a future that resonates with our highest aspirations

–a thoughtleader dialogue forum that will stage global classroom¬† sessions through a regular event series in the PI Community.

summing up: the REAL work is starting right now!