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“awakening a giant within me”

Thursday, November 27th, 2008 | Uncategorized | 11 Comments

a week ago in namibia we had a design team meeting preparing a workshop with the top team at the ministry of health. one of the participants of that meeting happened to be a director of the Ministry who had participated in the first offsite workshop that we had conducted with that group back in August. asked what his experience of that first offsite was like he responded by giving several examples in terms of changed behavior (leading through listening) and higher level of self awareness and self reflection. he summed up his account by using a phrase that i had never heard before: IT FELT LIKE AWAKENENING A GIANT WITHIN ME. the moment i heard that phrase it connected to a whole set of other experiences that resonate with that phrase. i realized that over the past few weeks the intensity and the transfomative power and presence of collective workshop experiences has probably gone even more up. its true for many different settings, sectors, and cultures over the past few weeks.

Mary in her comment to the last post gave her own account by talking about the boston presencing program:   “the experience created a sense of personal power (with not over others!) to contribute to making the world different…  I have made one or two first steps at engaging others to create the future but am still a bit dazzled by the light of the workshop. The door feels open for us to walk through- I’m making some early steps…”

Just now the past 5 days i spent in bali with a group of 29 amazing young leaders from indonesia:  its a tri-sector group from business, government and from civil society that uses the ELIAS model of a U type collective transformation and renewal journey, with the intention to prototype new ways of innovating across sectors. i first met this group at MIT in september. this was the second longer workshop (sensing and presencing). very moving and powerful what happened among us throughout this process. it just takes my words away…  AND it resulted in a powerful outburst of collective creativity and the crystallization of five prototyping initiatives…

what is your experience? do you also experience that the intensity, sacred presence and the transformative power of the collective experiences you are having is going up? is it a more widely spread phenomenon? or is it different?


A Dream Come True I

Sunday, November 9th, 2008 | Uncategorized | 6 Comments

Yes we can! What an unbelievable week. Barack Obama is president elect. I experienced this historic shift this week with a group of 70 people from 15 different countries (who came to boston for the Presencing Foundation Program). WOW.  i still cannot believe what just happend. its still sinking in. its the second major historic shift i see in my lifetime. the first one being the crumbling of the Berlin Wall. now we see another wall collapse. the wall of racial (and other) divides that seperate us as a global community. the collapse of the Berlin wall marked the end of the cold war era. what is the era that ends and what era begins in this current historic shift? something is opening up. an opportunity we have been waiting for all our live… YES WE CAN!